The Amazing Maasai Girls Project

"We are proud and grateful to work alongside Lotasi Jewels and Carla Eichler, a huge and long-time supporter of the Amazing Maasai Girls Project and advocate for Girls' Education."

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What Is The Amazing Maasai Girls Project?

The Amazing Maasai Girls Project is a US-based 501c3 non-profit organization, founded in 2010. It is a volunteer-run organization, led by a small team of girls' education advocates from across North America.

Our mission

We believe in the importance and urgency of investing in girls' education. If we do our part to keep girls in school in Kenya, they will do the rest to break the cycle of poverty and transform their communities. 

Maasai Culture & Girls' Education

Traditionally, the education of girls from Maasai tribal communities is not prioritized. High school is not mandatory in Kenya and high school fees are prohibitively expensive for many Maasai families. If a family can afford the fees for a child, it would typically be a male who is sent to school. Meanwhile, girls as young as 12 are married off for the dowry, destined to stay at home, tending to the animals and bearing children.

However, when girls from Maasai tribal communities are given places in the safety and security of school, they are able to focus on pursuing education and careers. When women are able to secure work, they invest it in their families - they work on lifting their whole communities out of poverty.

Our Work

The Amazing Maasai Girls Project holds various annual fundraising events, including the Amazing Maasai Marathon and a virtual running event, the Global Run. More information can be found at

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